Gameplay summary

Tag's in limbo between heaven and hell......the devil holds the cards...will Tag be rewarded with life for the bravery to overcome the vices that put him there?...

Convince the devil Tag his are worthy of life again by choosing the furthest level you think you can reach without dying, and collect what's owed to you for your determination and bravery. 

How to play

Retrieve 666 pieces of Tag's hear and bring the heart score down to zero to help him leave limbo and re-enter the real world again. 

Use arrow keys to move and jump. use the mouse to choose which level to place your heart in when prompted to do so on the map screen. This allows 
you to choose the difficulty of the game, the further you place the heart from you, the harder it will be to retrieve it again. you cannot die as you are in limbo but you wil be sent to the start of a level if hit by an enemy.

Pick up keys to unlock the doors of each level and collect a score. that score will be lost if you get hit by any enemy before you reach your heart in the level you chose to leave it in.  pick up mini bonus hearts around the levels to help your score. 

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